Show Topic for July 30th, 2014:  “The T in the LGBTQ – Transgender”


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For our July, 30th show highlighting the “T” in the LGBTQ, Wesley and Sara invited a special transgender guest from the Middle East who has traveled to Florida specifically to transition from female to male. Before transitioning, in his home country, our guest was a successful business owner, devoted family member and socially very popular. Our guest was also highly revered for aesthetic beauty while “presenting” on the exterior as a female with fashionable, model-quality good looks and appeal. Once ready to live authentically as male, overnight, our guest was forced into a stay at a mental institution and who’s social status is now deplete of the recognition that will award him even basic human rights.

Our program also focuses on the safety issue regarding violence against trans people and the variables that influence a reported attempted suicide rate of 41%. We discuss the factors that contribute to this astonishing statistic including the rate at which transgender people face physical harm and violence, rejection from family, bullying at school, workplace violations, sexual assaults and the non-support of healthcare workers and law enforcement.

So, please listen to our podcast as we hear the story of “Zeid”, a true hero as he speaks to us about his “truth” as we compare acceptance in the transgender landscape of America. We also learn why is willing to risk his own safety to one day return to the Middle East as an activist for transgender and human rights.


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