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There’s No Place Like Home – Radio Talk Show for July 09, 2014



Published: 07/12/2014 by Wesley Davis

  The show followed along the LGBTQ alphabet with the “L” – Lesbians. With the first six shows in their series addressing “The LGBTQ”, Sara is pinpointing each of the letters and how each lifestyle has it’s stereotypes and also social needs to be addressed.

Having completed the introductory first show, Sara and talked specifically about the stereotypes that have been associated with Lesbians for many years such as the Butch-Femme dynamic and associated roles. The mention of the new form of dating through online venues and Olivia Cruises was discussed as well as finding “life” mates through volunteer work and pursuing one’s own interests.

The second segment delved into issues involving physical and mental health reminding that lesbians are also women and need important health care preventions. Sara discussed some lesbians having aversions to seeking medical care based on the fear of discrimination. She also pointed to “Minority Stress” being a compounding factor when dealing with issues of mental health concerning depression and anxiety in lesbians.

Discussing depression in woman and/or lesbians also lead into the third segment’s concern for lesbian senior populations. Topics involving loneliness and fear of discrimination were discussed as a major factor concerning the mental well-being of aging lesbians. Abuse in assisted living or nursing homes was also a concern for Sara as Sara’s experience counseling clients regarding “Elder Abuse” in her private practice in the Tampa/St. Pete area was discussed. Protecting our Senior LGBTQ community was discussed with Sara mentioning Metro Wellness Community Center’s Senior Programs.

New parenting roles lead off the fourth segment with a conversation about traditional roles being relevant to the contemporary relationships of lesbian parents.

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