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Date:  August 20, 2014

Mental Health Counseling and the LGBTQ Community Part II

Please join us as Saralee Fackelman continues to discuss her 25+ year career as a licensed mental health therapist in the Tampa Bay Area.  Last week, Brenda J. Simpson also joined the show as Sara discussed the specific needs our LGBTQ community can address in order to achieve sound mental health fitness.  They also reviewed the signs that indicate when a person should actually seek therapy.  We explored what to look for in a therapist, what to expect when working with a counselor and how to find the financial means to pay for therapy.

This week, we will delve more into the dynamics of what makes a productive therapeutic session highlighting the techniques that can be the most effective to induce change.  We’ll also continue our discussion regarding how to finance counseling by putting forth the fiscal steps in order to “invest” in oneself with a good mental health therapist.



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Saralee Fackelman is a licensed mental health therapist dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ community.


Transgender Resources

Please visit aTransLife Matters, Saralee Fackelman’s platform focusing on providing therapeutic support and counseling to individuals who are transgender, gender questioning and/or  gender variant.  Saralee is Board Certified in Gender Therapy by ITCA (International Transgender Counseling Association) and strictly adheres to the Standards of Care 7 for WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health). Saralee insists on creating a therapeutic relationship built on professionalism, trust and empowerment.

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